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Mission &Vision

To share, present, discuss ideas and information, resources that

educate, supports, promotes, engages in liberation from racist

oppression, sexist and economic exploitation of all Afrikans and their

descendants anywhere in the universe.

The PanAfrikan Roundtable exist to:

• Affirm our being Afrikan.

• Place Afrikans and Afrika as our center.

• Educate ourselves to become warriors in our prolong struggle for liberation from oppression and exploitation everywhere in the


• Reclaim what is ours using MAAT as a moral guide, and

• Advance our existence according to our own interests.


We use the term “Afrika” until a more suitable self-naming term is agreed upon in our practice of self-determination/kujichagulia. The use of the term PanAfrikan denotes a worldwide perspective

encompassing both Afrikans in Afrika and abroad/Afrikan diaspora. The use of roundtable symbolizes the circular belief of everyone

being equal, seeing each other, being valued, being inclusive, and discards the hierarchical and non-egalitarian interactions and value among



Nilaja Mwata Nubian
Nilaja Mwata Nubian was born in Colon, Panama. He is the son of Afrikan descendants of the western Afrikan diaspora. Baba Nubian migrated to Brooklyn in his teens, still resides there. He attended public schools, and universities in NY State, graduating with a BA and MSW, and spent an academic year at a University in Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a proud husband and father.  Baba Nubian retired from the non-profit world, and NYC civil service after 45 years. 


He plays several percussive instruments and listens to a variety of Afrikan influenced music from around the globe. Baba Nubian is the Founder and Artistic Coordinator of Nubian Messengers, an Afrikan-centered artistic ensemble promoting and performing Afrikan Pulse music and artistry.


He is a member of the Afrikan Jegna Collective, Men Of Soul, Bombazo Dance Company, Amerikanke Kultural Arts Company, the National Association of Black Social Workers, Park Slope Food Coop, Conjunto Nuevo Milenio, and the Coalition on Behavioral Health for the Black Elderly.  He is a practitioner of MAAT and the Nguzo Saba, and a

progressive Pan-Afrikanist.


Baba Nubian loves to travel, especially throughout Afrika and its Diasporas. He enjoys historical research on Afrikans and indigenous peoples.  He is currently writing essays on FYAM (Free Your Afrikan Mind), implementing the PanAfrikan Roundtable zoom gathering, and conducting educational sessions on emergency preparedness (PEP).

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